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Reading Responses

Laurel Schwulst - Website as a House

The idea that a website could be a place for your mind to rest, where you watch one of those birds with camera trackers on them fly through sky and let your mind relax.

a mocked-up webpage with a birds eye view of a city entitled

Callum Copely - New Document 1

This website was developed to be a dashboard for all social media interactions and notifications to accumulate. During the pandemic I have found social media to be very exhausting, as well as responding to friends and school admin to be very exhausting, and the webiste itself for New Document 1 also fatigued me in the same way, which prompted this website response.

Frank Chimero - The Good Room

When Frank talks about websites turning us into a product and a commodity, as well as promoting extremism from the promoted posts, I had the idea to create this post blocker.