go home :)

a pile of coffee beans


or the anatomy of an well-caffienated gal

I'm a rising senior in graphic design, with a minor in painting + printmaking :)

and i enjoy using :) :( :/ instead of standard emojis

fast facts!

When I'm not designing, I work for a very large coffee chain

blonde roast coffee/espresso has the most caffiene content because it gets roasted for less time and doesn't end up as crispy as dark roast, which has the least caffiene content

each shot of *regular* espresso at starbucks has 75mg of caffiene in it, and the FDA daily limit recommendation on caffiene is 400mg, so do with that information what you will!

my go-to drink on shift:

triple-shot oatmilk latte with two pumps of toffee nut

a coffee drink

my go-to drink off shift:

cold brew with a shot, oatmilk, and caramel drizzle


peach green tea

which is

because my store is out of both green tea and peach juice at the moment

i've made a bunch of work about coffee too: